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Pace Family

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Pace Family

Richard Pace
b.1590 Wapping,England
d.1626 Jamestown,Virginia
Isabella Smythe

*George Pace b.1609

George Pace
b.1609 England
d.4 Jun 1665 Charles,Virginia
Married: 1637
Sarah Maycox

*Richard Pace b. 1638

Richard Pace
b.1638 Virginia
Married: 1659
Mary Knowles
b.9 Apr 1641 Herrico Co., Virginia

*George Pace b.1666

George Pace

*Richard Pace b.1688

Richard Pace
Married: 1710
Sarah Woodliefe

*George Pace b.1711
John Pace

George Pace

*John Pace b.1735

John Pace
d.1780 Surry,North Carolina
Married: 1753
Sarah Pope

*Burrell Pope Pace b.1758

Burrell Pope Pace
d.1816 Saluda, North Carolina
Married: 1777/1779
Lydia Woodruff
b.25 Aug 1760 Westfield,New Jersey
d.abt 1870

*Cornelius P. Pace b.abt 1787

Cornelius P. Pace
b.abt 1787 Spartanburg Co.,South Carolina
d.17 Oct 1847 Saluda, North Carolina
Sarah Royal

*Jonathan Pace b.1808/1815

Jonathan Pace
Married: 11 Dec 1828
Sarah Ely
b.1812 KY or VA

Mary Pace b.16 Nov 1830
*Matthew Pace b.12 May 1836
Rebecca Pace b.1838
Louisa Eliza Pace b.Sep 1841
Emily Pace b.1842
John CJ Pace b.Sep 1844
Zachariah Taylor Pace b.1850
Dicey Ann Pace b.Dec 1854
Abigail Pace b. 1855

Matthew Pace
b.12 May 1836 Harlan Co.,Kentucky
d.8 Dec 1908 Salyersville,Magoffin,Kentucky
Married: 5 Apr 1855
Elizabeth Salyer
b.Jul 1837 Kentucky

*William Henry Pace b.15 Apr 1869
Louisa A. Pace b.Jul 1865
Samantha Jane Pace b.1856
Sarah E. Pace b.30 Mar 1858
Margaret Cynthia Pace b.Mar 1862
Mary E. Pace b.13 Jan 1861
John Pace b.1866
Albert Pace b.16 Apr 1874
Taylor R. Pace b.Mar 1873
Dotia Pace b.Apr 1876
Doria b.18 Apr 1878
Jonathan James Pace b.16 Sep 1856

William Henry Pace
b.15 Apr 1869 Kentucky
d.1945 East Wenatchee,Douglas,Washington
Francis Stone
b.24 Nov 1866 Kentucky
d.1948 East Wenatchee,Douglas,Washington

*Bernie Clifton Pace b.10 Aug 1897
Berlie Pace b.20 Aug 1895
Minnie Pace b.18 Oct 1898
Irene Elizabeth Pace b.27 Oct 1901
James Matthew Pace

Bernie Clifton Pace
b.10 Aug 1897 Salyersville,Magoffin,Kentucky
d.19 Oct 1978 Wenatchee,Chelan,Washington
Cenie Adams

*Thelma Mae Pace b.22 Jan 1919
William Pace
Richard Pace

Pace Family
1880 Census Record

I'm looking for personal family information regarding Cenie Adams if anyone has any. Thanks! You can email me at

Pace's Paines plaque

RICHARD PACE - 1590-1626
Came over on ship, "Marmaduke" in 1611. Came to Virginia in 1620. Granted about 400 acres of land 4 mi. from Jamestown, Virginia, right on the James River. He was responsible for saving Jamestown's inhabitants from massacre in 1622. His indian servant Chico warned him of impending attacks and he warned the settlers.

"The Threat to Pace's Paines" - The virginia Highway Department proposes to put a new highway right though the center of Paces Paines. This would ruin a site of great historical significance, not only to the Paces, bu to the nation itself. Richard Pace, the first owner of this plantation (1620) was as important to America as Paul revere. Had he not rowed from Paces Paines across the James River to warn Jamestownof the impending Indian massacre in 1622, the settlement would have been delayed, or even abandoned, and we might have had no United Statesof America at all. Now, to serve traffic 'needs' this beautiful place must be cut up and may some day have motels and neon light along its now peaceful green-hedged roads." (I have not checked an area map, and have not been down there to see if this 'new' highway was ever put through.)

"We are certain this proposal angers the members of the Pace Society. Surely there are other alternatives available to the Highway
Department. Pace descendants over many years have sought to visit Paces Paines, now the estate of Mr. Franz von Schilling and known as Mount Pleasant Plantation. The Von Schillings have welcomed us warmly, and have twice entertained our annual meeting groups."

"But now 'Paces Paines' needs our help. I strongly urge that every member write a letter, or letters, as suggested by our Dr. Ben McCary, whose open letter to members of the Pace Society follows. Marvin H. Pace, President."

'The Virginia Highway Department proposes to move the present ferry dock on the south side of the James River at Scotland Wharf, and replace it with a new ferry dock just above Swann Point. A new highway would be built to connect it with Surry County Court House - (see the double broken line on the map which follows.)'

'1. The proposed highway would almost cut through the center of the original six hundred acres of historic Paces Paines, granted to Richard Pace in 1620. It was from this plantation - (now Mount Pleasant) - that Richard Pace, in the early morning of March 22, 1622, after being warned of the impending Indian massacre by his Indian servant Chanco, rowed across the James River to give the warning which saved Jamestown and nearby settlements. No archaeological work has been done at Paces Paines to uncover the foundations of the fort, houses, and artifacts associated with this early settlement. the proposed highway would completely destroy the archaeological possibilities.'

'2. A ferry pier and highway built as proposed would destroy the scenic value of the undistrubed forest in the area. This is definitely a tourist asset, when viewed from the ferry using the present crossing from Jamestown Festival Park to Scotland War.'

'3. The proposed new ferry crossing would not offer the inspiring view of Jamestown Island enjoyed by millions of tourists in years past when crossing from Scotland Wharf to Jamestown Festival Park.'

'4. The proposed highway would represent a needless expenditure since the Rolfe Highway already exists and leads to the present Scotland Wharf. This existing highway can be enlarged, and improved if necessary.'

Let me know if you're interested in more photos from Jamestown,Virginia regarding the Pace family.

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