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(8)Hans Lohl 1620 Hof in the Voitland,Bavaria,Germany

d.26 Mar 1662 Neckartenzlingen,Germany

Married: 1645 Neckartenzlingen,Germany

Margaretha Hagenlocher

b.1 Mar 1626 Denzlingen,Germany


*Johannes Lohl b. 11 Mar 1646 Neckartenzlingen,Germany

Matthaus Lohl b.3 May 1648 Neckartenzlingen,Germany

Hans Georg Lohl b.9 Oct 1650 Neckartenzlingen,Germany

Margaretha Lohl b.1652 Neckartenzlingen,Wuertt,Germany

(7)Johannes Lohl

b.1 Mar 1646 Neckartenzlingen,Germany

d.28 Aug 1709 Neckartenzlingen,Germany

Marriage #1: 21 Feb 1673 Neckartenzlingen,Germany

Anna Behlen

b.1640 Neckartenzlingen,Germany

d.12 May 1701 Neckartenzlingen,Germany


Marriage#2: 17 Sep 1701 Neckartenzlingen,Germany

Catharina Bleichers

b. abt. 1680 Bempflingen,Germany


Anna Catharine Lohl b.17 Sep 1703 Neckartenzlingen,Germany

*Hans George Lale b.7 Feb 1705 Neckartenzlingen,Germany

Infant Lohl 23 Jan 1707 (Stillborn)

Matthaus Lohl b. 19 Dec 1707 Neckartenzlingen,Germany

Friederich Lohl b. 1 Dec 1709 Neckartenzlingen,Germany

(6)Hans George Lale

b. 7 Feb 1705 Neckartenzlingen,Wuerttemberg,Germany

d.after 1771 North Carolina

Marriage #1:12 Sep 1730 Nellingen,Germany

Anna Barbara Aichelin

b.7 Feb 1704 Nellingen,Germany

d.27 Apr 1779 Nellingen,Germany


Catherine Lail b. abt 1731 Germany

Heinrich Lail b. abt 1733 Germany

Michael Lale b. 1735 Germany

George Lail Jr. b. 4 Jun 1737 Nellingen,Germany

Jenet Lail b. 1739 Pennsylvania

Barbara Lail b. 22 Jun 1743 Lancaster Co., PA

Marriage #2: abt 1752 Pennsylvania

Maria Elizabeth Lale

b.abt 1732


*John Jacob Lale b.14 May 1752 Paradise Twp,York,PA

Henry Lail b. abt 1753 Rowan Co., NC

Peter Lail b. abt1757 Rowan Co., NC

William Lail b. abt 1756 Rowan Co., NC

(5)John Jacob Lale

b. 14 May 1752 Paradise Twp,York,PA

d. after 1800 Lincoln, NC


Anna Mary Lale


Daughter Lale b. 1784 Mecklenburg Co., NC

Henry Lale b. 1795

George Lale b.1797

Peter Lale b. 1799

Jacob Lale b. 1800

Joseph Lale b. 1802

*John Lale b. 1804 Lincoln Co., NC

(4)John Lale

b. ca. 1804 Lincoln, Co., NC

d. 1893 Hickory,NC

Married: 17 Oct 1822 Lincoln Co., NC

Catharina (Katy) Lewis

b. ca. 1807


Jacob Lale

Mahala Magdalene Lale

Rebecca Lale

Sarah Lale

Emeline Lale

Ambrose Polycarp Lale

*Calvin Lail b.28 Jan 1838 Burke Co.,NC

Malinda Lale

Elizabeth Lale

Marie Lale

Jeremiah Cook Lale

John Lale

(3)Calvin Lail

b.28 Jan 1838 Burke Co., NC

d.9 Dec 1911


Lydia Catherine Lail

b.20 Feb 1840 Burke Co., NC

d.4 Jun 1927 Conover,NC


Flora Lail

*Sidney Lail 4 May, 1865 Burke Co., NC

Laura Lail

Barbara Lail

Sarah Lavinia Lail

Daniel H. Lail

Minnie Lail

Maybell Lail

David Arthur

(2) Sidney Lail

b.4 May 1865 Burke Co., NC

d.9 Feb 1927 Abingdon,Virginia

Marriage #1: 20 Oct 1887 Conover,NC

Hulda Elizabeth Lael (2nd Cousin)

b.22 Feb 1857 Catawba,NC

d.15 Jul 1921 Hiddenite,NC


Elias Longcrier Lail

George Glover Lail

Lottie May Lail

*Jacob Daniel Lael

Polly Catherine Lail

Della Ada

Marriage #2:

Ida Prater


(1)Jacob Daniel Lael

b.4 Feb 1894 Newton,NC

d.25 Jul 1978 Spokane,WA

Marriage #1: 21 Oct 1921

Cora Eudora Purtee

b.22 Dec 1904 Franklin,TN

d.22 Jun 1950 Oceanside,CA


Lillie Irene Lael



Wanna Lael

Otis Lael

Donna Dannette Lael

Larry Edward Lael

National Archives and Records Administration Web Site:


This family line that I have been tracing for about 6 years is elusive and I'm not 100% sure that I have everything correct. I have been in the process of double checking and verifying so I will update if any changes need to be made.

Family history information on these pages have been verified to the best of our ability. Please contact me to find more about my sources.