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Andrew Brisbine
b. 4 Oct 1812 Pennsylvania
d. 7 Jan 1889 Downey,Iowa
Married: 27 Apr 1841
Isabel McCurdy
b. 6 Nov 1812
d. 22 Apr 1886 Downey,Iowa

Sarah J. Brisbine b.12 Aug 1842
Andrew Brisbine b.28 Oct 1843
James M. Brisbine b.15 Sep 1845
William O. Brisbine b.16 Dec 1847
*John Brisbine b.1 Aug 1850

John Brisbine
b. 1 Aug 1850 Richwood,Union,Ohio
Married: 19 Nov 1879
Amelia Hinchliffe
b. 5 Dec 1860 Wisconsin

*Walter Ernest Brisbine b.26 Jan 1882
Sadie Brisbine
Flena Brisbine
Elmer Robert Brisbine b.30 Dec 1887

Walter Ernest Brisbine
b.26 Jan 1882 Downey,Cedar,Iowa
d.19 Oct 1974 Wenatchee,Chelan,Washington
Married: 28 Feb 1912
Clara Holter
b.25 Apr 1886 Canton,Lincoln,South Dakota
d.10 May 1968 Wenatchee,Chelan,Washington

*Waldo Merion Brisbine b. 22 Dec 1912
Winona Leila Brisbine b. 13 Jul 1918
Eula Brisbine b. Feb 1922
Phyllis Irene Brisbine b.1928
Wilma Brisbine
Twila Brisbine
Harry Brisbine

Waldo Merion Brisbine

b.22 Dec 1912 Kennebec,Lyman,South Dakota
d.23 Jun 1993 Wenatchee,Chelan,Washington
Thelma Mae Pace
b.22 Jan 1919 Salyersville,Magoffin,Kentucky
d.7 Sep 2001 Wenatchee,Chelan,Washington

LIVING Brisbine
LIVING Brisbine
*LIVING Brisbine
LIVING Brisbine
LIVING Brisbine

Privacy/Security Issues

I have omitted any personal dates or names for any living relatives to protect their privacy and for security reasons. If you are interested in a link between your family and ours, you can email me and I would be happy to share after getting permission.

William Brisbine & Family
1860 Census Record

Walter Earnest Brisbine
Draft Papers

Walter E. Brisbine & Family
1930 Census Record

Thomas (John) Brisbine & Family
1900 Census Record

Andrew Brisbine & Family
1880 Census Record

Family history information on these pages have been verified to the best of our ability. Please contact me to find more about my sources.