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McCormick family connected to the Drennan/Peirce/Hiatt families

*Robert McCormick
b. 5 Jul 1779 Pennsylvania
d. 9 Aug 1836 Grant County, Indiana
Married: Apr 1805 Fayette County, Indiana
Anne McCormick
b. 6 Aug 1787 Bedford County, Pennsylvania
d. 23 Jan 1880 Grant County, Indiana


15. i. JOHN4 MCCORMICK, b. 24 Apr 1805, OH; d. 22 Jan 1861.

ii. ALETHA MCCORMICK, b. 14 Jan 1807; d. 18 Mar 1810.

iii. NANCY MCCORMICK, b. 23 Jan 1809; d. 24 Jul 1811.

iv. MARY MCCORMICK, b. 20 Aug 1810; d. 16 May 1812.

v. JACOB MCCORMICK, b. 11 Jan 1812, IN; d. 15 Feb 1872, Grant Co, IN.

vi. ISAAC MCCORMICK, b. 14 Oct 1814; d. 24 Jan 1815.

vii. CATHERINE MCCORMICK, b. 04 Jan 1816, IN; d. 04 Dec 1889, Grant Co, IN.

viii. ENOS MCCORMICK, b. 25 May 1818, OH; d. 24 Jan 1870; m. SARAH A?; b. 1820, OH.

ix. ELIZA MCCORMICK, b. 16 May 1820; d. 25 Mar 1840.

x. WILLIS MCCORMICK, b. 16 Nov 1822; d. 18 Feb 1851.

xi. JANE MCCORMICK, b. 16 Mar 1824; d. 12 Nov 1907, LAfontaine, Grant Co, IN.

xii. LEWIS WILSON MCCORMICK, b. 18 Dec 1826, Grant Co, IN; d. 18 Apr 1851; m. REBECCA TURNER, 18 Apr 1851.

xiii. JULIA MCCORMICK, b. 11 Mar 1829; d. 02 Sep 1851.

xiv. CLARISSA MCCORMICK, b. 12 Mar 1832, Grant Co, IN; d. 03 Jun 1900, Grant Co, IN.

*Jacob McCormick b. 11 Jun 1812 Indiana

Jacob McCormick
b. 11 Jun 1812 Indiana
d. 18 Feb 1872 Grant County, Indiana
Married: 14 Feb 1839 (DIVORCED)
Hannah Hiatt
b. 23 Apr 1817 Guilford County, North Carolina
(The Woman's Suffrage movement has very early roots in the 6th District. In 1851, a conservative Quaker named Hannah Hiatt became one of the earliest leaders in the struggle for women's rights. She founded the Woman's Rights Association of Indiana in the city of Richmond. It later became the Indiana Woman's Suffrage Association.

This was nearly two decades before Susan B. Anthony founded the National Woman's Suffrage League.

"Hannah Hiatt saw the injustice of discriminatory voting laws and fought for change, launching the dream of women's right to vote right here.)

*Lucy Ann McCormick b. 16 Jan 1833 Indiana
Elizabeth McCormick b. 24 Aug 1835 Indiana

Lucy Ann McCormick
b. 16 Jan 1833 Indiana
Married: 24 May 1854
Clarkston T. Peirce
b. 8 Oct 1852

***More about Clarkston and Lucy on the Peirce family page

* denotes a direct lineage

Family history information on these pages have been verified to the best of our ability. Please contact me to find more about my sources.