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Roberds family connected to the Adamson/Gilbert/Williamson/Randall/McCormick families

*Thomas Roberds
b. abt 1710 Wales
d. 1773 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Married: 10 Dec 1728 Middletown, Bucks, Pennsylvania
Sarah Gilbert
b.abt 1705 Pennsylvania
d. aft 1790 Bucks County, Pennsylvania

*John Roberds b. abt 1741 Pennsylvania

John Roberds
b. abt 1741 Pennsylvania
d. Mar 1797 Union County, South Carolina
(In 1742, John and Sarah moved their family from Bucks Co., PA to Virginia, stayed for 6 Years, then moved to South Carolina.)
14 Dec 1764 Goshen Monthly Meeting, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
Sarah Williamson
b. abt 1744 Bensalem Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania
d. aft 1810 Barren County, Kentucky
(Great-granddaughter of Dunck Williams who settled what is now known as Neshaminy State Park,PA before 1678.)

*Joseph Roberds b. 4 Feb 1766 Bucks County, PA

Joseph Roberds
b. 4 Feb 1766 Bucks County, PA
d. 6 Jul 1863 Grant County, Indiana
(Joseph Roberds settled in Clinton County, Ohio with his family which eventuallytotaled sixtee n children. During his years in Clinton County he served as Justice of the Peace.

The following is from the History of Clinton Co., Ohio:
Joseph, or, as he was generally called, "Squire" Roberds, was an early, well-knownand much-re spected citizen, being one of the first Justices of the Peace and the second Sheriff of Clint on County. He was born in Union District, South Carolina, on the waters of Broad River, on t he 4th day of February, 1766. At the age of twenty-two years, he was married, in his nativ e state, to Anna Randall, with whom he lived in great harmony for about sixty-two years. Mr . and Mrs. Roberds were members of the Society of Friends, but their marriage was not consumm ated according to the custom and rules of that society. This violation of rules in that day w as regarded as far more serious matter than at present. The transgression, if one it was, wa s brought before the meeting, and no satisfactory acknowledgement being made for it, the offe nding parties were "disowned." Some years afterward, Mrs. Roberds attached herself to anothe r branch of the Christian Church and remained a member in good standing until her death; bu t Mr. Roberds,although holding sound religious views, and having and experimental knowledge of sins forgiven, never afterward became a member of any religious society.
In1804, Mr. Roberds left South Carolina, on account of slavery, and took up his residence in Ohio. His way West was through the States of North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky, by th e Cumberland Gap, the Crab Orchard, near Danville, and Lexington, Ky., to Cincinnati. Much o f the country through which they came was sparsely populated, and the residue, with slight exceptions, was an out and outwilderness, broken by a succession of lofty mountains and inters persed by deep and rapid streams, which they generally had to ford in the absence of bridges, ferries or even canoes. His first settlement north of the Ohio River was on the Little Miami, near Waynesville, Warren County, a place where many emigrants made short stops for the purpose of viewing the country before locating. At this place it is supposed that he tarried long enough to raise a summer crop. In 1805, he removed to a point on Lytle's Creek, about three miles below where the town of Wilmington now stands. At this place, he raised his second crop in Ohio. The following spring, having purchased a small tract of land in the green wood, on the south side of Cowan's Creek, he removed to it and commenced an improvement. His cabin and other buildings stood about forty rods nearly due east from the present residence of Thomas Curtis.

From the spring of 1806 to 1810, he appears to have engaged industriously in opening his land to the sun, erecting buildings and cultivating crops. Early in 1810, Clinton County was created. At first it was divided into three townships - Chester, Vernon and Richland. To each township was given the election of three Justices of the Peace. The first election for fillin g that office in Clinton County was fixed by Judges Hughes and Hickson for April 21, 1810. Mr. Roberds' residence was included in Richland Township. Mr. Roberds, Absalon Reed and William Venard were returned as electedfor Richland. In 1813 Mr. Roberds was elected to the same Office. April 3, 1813, he was appointed by the County Commissioners Collector of the State reve nue and county tax for Clinton County. April 8, 1814, he was re-appointed by the Commissioners to the same office. At the election on the second Tuesday in October, 1814, he was elected Sheriff of Clinton County, succeeding Jonathan Harland,the first Sheriff of Clinton County, who, having served two terms, was ineligible to re-election. In 1816, he was re-elected to the office of Sheriff; his term expired 1818, and he in turn became ineligible to re-election. His successor in office was Joel Woodruff.)

Married: 19 Nov 1791 Cane Creek, Monthly Meeting, Union District, South Carolina
Ann Randall
b. 17 Feb 1769 Pennsylvania
d. 27 Nov 1846 Gas City, Grant, Indiana

*Rachael Roberds b. 15 Dec 1812 Clinton County, Ohio

Rachael Roberds
b. 15 Dec 1812 Clinton County, Ohio
d. 27 Dec 1878 Grant County, Indiana
Married: 1 Mar 1834 Grant County, Indiana
Moses Adamson
b. 12 Jan 1811 Warren, Ohio
d. 29 May 1854 Grant County, Indiana

***More on Rachael and Moses Adamson on the Adamson Family page.***

* denotes a direct family lineage

Family history information on these pages have been verified to the best of our ability. Please contact me to find more about my sources.